Beware Of Offers For A Free Cancer Screening


Crooks may be fishing for your data so they can commit Medicare fraud……

One of the country’s newest Frauds, is someone calls or at a Networking function and a person asks “Do you have any direct relatives who had cancer and would like a Free DNA test to check for the disease?” They say it is Free, but asks for your Medicare number. This is happening all over the country! In many cases Medicare has been billed from $6,000 to, in one case, $30,000.

These tests are being marketed to you as Free without the understanding that Medicare will be billed!! BE WARY OF A FREE CANCER SCREEN!!

Your 11 digit Medicare number is valuable to crooks. It is important to keep it Secure!!

Several groups/or people representing (so they say) a company that does Free DNA and are going to Senior communities offering to swab people’s cheeks for genetic material for purported DNA cancer checks, according to many Senior communities across the U.S. For those in Senior communities, the Front Desk or Marketing Director should ask for those offering Free DNA test to ask for their credentials…then have those working at the SR communities to contact Medicare and ask if they know of this company or person…..Even then they can have “fake” IDs…..DO NOT fall for this Scam! Contact your medical doctor’s office and ask if they know of the Free DNA test.

Recently, in one of my Networking groups, a “representative supposedly” gave us his card and asked the questions similar to the information mentioned above. One of our top Medicare insurance Representative told the man to get out….. He has been reported to the State…. He was part of a Scam…..

Always check with your physician and ask about you needing a DNA screening.

Brenda Dever-Armstrong, CEO/Owner/CSA
The Next Horizon Seniors & Military Advocate/Resources/Locator