Many of us baby boomers are reaching the point in our lives where the children are grown up and moved out of the house. After a year or so or as we age we talk about downsizing into a smaller home or could be retirement continuous care community (CCRC) or a garden home. Many of us baby boomers would like to stay in our current home and do some remodeling. If you decide to stay in your home this may be the time to consider to do some modifications as you age. One can do little things at first, such as installing grab bars where needed. That is a start and at a minimal cost and will possibly save you from falling.

Here are a few suggestions when planning to “age in place.” PRIORITIZE YOUR WISH LIST: Take a look at the rooms in your home and determine which ones fit your new lifestyle and ones that may need some work. It may be “minor” changes or could be a “redo” altogether. Create a general plan and prioritize the items on your list.

FOCUS ON IMPROVING LIVABILITY: Many folks interview a few remodeling firms to help design your new living arrangement. Stairs can be a problem as we age or moving master bedroom downstairs or enlarging the bathroom or installing a “walk-in shower.” Re-do the laundry room to be more accessible. If you have steps from outside to inside of the home, consider a professional installing “ramps”…..may not need them now but sooner or later easier on the joints. You may have small or unused “spaces” that could be utilized or expanded.

CONTACT REPUTABLE REMODELING PROFESSIONALS: Remodeling professionals can help you to determine what your options are to remodel or build your home for your lifestyle. They can help find ways to create an open floor plan that is easier to navigate for those with mobility concerns. By incorporating these changes will help create a home that suits a changing lifestyle, may also “increase” the value of your home when you eventually decide to sell your home.

I do not promote just one business but finding a qualified remodeler who can share the most effective ways to remodel your home, go to (as a start)

Hope this will help with making a decision – and this is a “big” decision, stay in your current home or downsize.

Brenda Dever-Armstrong, CEO/Owner/CSA/Geriatric Advisor
The Next Horizon Senior/Military Locator/Resources/Lifetime Advocate